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Child’s Disability Benefits Lawyers

Social Security Disability for Children

Dependent children may be entitled to disability insurance benefits if the parent receives Social Security or if the child is himself or herself disabled before age 22. The child may automatically qualify or may need to prove eligibility. Either way, it is a good idea to seek legal counsel when dealing with the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Disability lawyers of Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC, are knowledgeable about disability benefits for children. We can help you apply for child benefits or contest a denied claim, at any stage of the process.

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Ohio Children’s Social Security Attorneys

A dependent, unmarried child is entitled to insurance benefits under the Social Security record of the insured parent (or deceased parent who was insured at the time of death), under any of the following:

  • The child is under age 18 and the parent is/was receiving Social Security Disability
  • The child is age 18 or 19 and a full-time student and the parent is/was receiving Social Security Disability
  • The child is an adult and has been disabled before age 22.

The definition of dependent child applies to an adopted child and may apply to stepchildren and grandchildren who are dependents of the disabled parent.

Ohio Child’s Disability Benefits Attorneys
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Our skilled attorneys will help secure benefits for your son or daughter. Hoglund Law handles all disability claims and appeals. You can call us day or night at 855-513-4844 (toll free) or contact us to arrange a free consultation. We have a convenient office location near you and we can make home visits.

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