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Qualifying Impairments

Disabling Conditions Recognized by Social Security Disability

To obtain disability insurance benefits under Social Security, you or your loved one must meet the specific criteria for one of the listed impairments. Claimants do not always present the classic symptoms or match one specific listing. They may have multiple impairments that overlap.

At Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC, we work closely with clients and their doctors to get documentation for the appropriate listed impairment. Our goal is to get you approved as early in the process as possible and to build the trail of medical records that support your initial claim, disability hearing or higher appeal.

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Ohio Qualifying Disability Condition Attorneys

With 14 years of experience and thousands of Social Security Disability cases, we have handled disability claims under nearly every category, including but not limited to:

Mental disorders and cognitive deficits

Medical conditions and complications

Accidents and physical impairments

While there is not a separate category of impairments, claimants age 50 and over are given special consideration when they do not strictly qualify under the listed criteria for a given impairment.

Ohio Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers

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Our lawyers have made it their focus to understand the technical criteria and legal precedents for common qualifying conditions. We understand the medical jargon and can “speak the language” in preparing claims and cross-examining Social Security experts at the hearing level.

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